Goodfellas at The Ritz Carlton

The Tribeca Film Festival is closing out this weekend with a special screening of one of the greatest gangster movie's of all time.  Goodfellas will be celebrating its' 25th Anniversary. Didn't get your invite to the big cast and crew reunion party?  Well you can still celebrate just steps away from the festival at 2West inside the Ritz Carlton Battery Park.  

Chef Philip Medora has created a special menu inspired by this classic Scorsese film with dishes like "Tommy DeVito's" Cheese and Salumi platter with fig jam & quince marmalade and the "Henry Hills" Fried Calamari served extra crispy with banana peppers and spicy marinara.

There's also the delicious "Billy Batts" Grilled Flat Bread with caramelized onions, sweet Italian sausage and grilled sweet peppers...

...but to be truly gangster order the "Jimmy Two Times"; Veal, Pork and Beef Meatballs with shaved pecorino and marble rye garlic bread.  

These meatballs are seriously amazing; super light with just a slight binding of breadcrumbs to let the meat really shine.  Of course if anyone in your gangster party is meat free there are plenty of incredible items on the regular menu just for them like the Spicy Tempura Cauliflower with Chili Pepper Aioli. 

This dish tastes just like Nobu's famous Creamy Spicy Shrimp except completely vegetarian and without the hard to come by reservation.

I don't suggest sitting with your back to the room; a smart gangster never would.  But I do suggest catching a glimpse or two of the view.  The sun setting over the waters edge is the perfect way to cap off an incredible evening.

These items are all available at the bar during Happy Hour from 5:00-7:00.  So get your wiseguys together and celebrate the anniversary of Goodfella's at The Ritz.

Ritz Carlton 2West Restaurant

2 West Street
New York, NY 10004