Monday with Mike

Monday was such an awesome day.  I got a text from my brother Mike saying he was stuck at LaGuardia Airport. Since I already had the day off from work I suggested we meet up for lunch so he cabbed it into the city and headed to The Nomad for their new $29 two course lunch menu. 

Meals at The Nomad always begin with a beautiful fresh baked loaf of bread that fills the room with the sweet aroma of rosemary, dill and yeast.

This bread has the perfect texture, crispy on top but chewy in the middle with sliced potatoes and rye seeds scattering the outside.  It would be have been easy to demolish this entire thing and ask for more but somehow we showed some restraint until the appetizers arrived.

The same Carrot Tartare from the Nomad Bar makes an appearance on the menu here; plated simply with winter greens and rye chips.  This is easily one of my favorite dishes in the city right now and my brother agreed.  There's just something about that nutty, spicy flavor that's so incredibly satisfying.

Tortelloni stuffed with celery root bathe in a bubbly Parmesan foam...

...each little purse chock full of that rich, earthy flavor of Black Truffle.

The Nomad's famous roast chicken comes in the form of a Burger at lunch topped with Foie Gras and Black Truffle mayonnaise on a brioche bun. I was expecting a big, hefty burger but it's surprisingly light.  This was a delicious spin on the bird however I enjoy the Chicken Sandwich at brunch a bit more.

We discussed dessert choices over macchiato's before deciding upon the Cookies & Cream as per the waiters recommendation. 

Dessert arrived just as it looks spoons or napkins just a small bowl filled with chocolate orbs.  We both hesitated a moment then dove right in with our hands.  This ice cream didn't need spoons it was incredible!  The balls of vanilla ice cream somehow stayed solid inside the thick coating of chocolate  crunchies.  Each bite was like eating a personalized ice cream cake and I haven't stopped dreaming of it ever since.

After our fantastic meal we continued onto Eataly for some meats and cheese in the Piazza and Rosso on the roof.  I think we could have continued to eat and drink all day but reality reared it's ugly head and it was time for his flight so we parted ways.  Although I wish we had a little more time I gotta say it was a pretty incredible way to spend a Monday.

The NoMad
1170 Broadway and 28th Street
New York, NY 10001