The Magical Momofuku Milk Bar

I'm always amazed by Christina Tosi's desserts at Momofuku Milk Bar.  Take for instance the classic birthday cake.  For many of us this cake evokes the vision of a small round cake with birthday candles, sprinkles and funfetti frosting.  Tosi takes this classic memory and amps it up Momofuku style.

Big balls of rainbow cake crumbles stud the creamy vanilla frosting on top...

...then layer upon layer of fluffy rainbow cake and rich vanilla icing sit below.  I love how she leaves the sides untouched so each layer can be drooled over from every angle.  If cakes not your thing Tosi also does pie like the decadent Candy Bar Pie with pretzel and fudge, the sticky Caramel Apple or the ridiculous Crack Pie dusted with powdered sugar (just like a classic Chess pie from the South).

If you can't decide just order the Franken Pie which includes all three.  No matter what your dessert dreams may be chances are Tosi has it.

Momofuku Milk Bar
Multiple Locations in NYC