Lunch at Tuscan Hills

Queens Boulevard is the last place I would expect to find such a homey little restaurant like Tuscan Hills.  Located just one block from the Union Turnpike train station this is a cozy oasis from the taco and bagel joints that crowd the street corners.  Go at lunch for the $10.95 special which includes soup or salad and any pasta, panini or pizza as an entree.

Skip the measly Cesar Salad of yellow greens in favor of the Stracciatella loaded with spinach and Parmesan cheese in a light egg drop broth. 

The pizza is a decent entree for big appetites.  It's large enough to feed two but the flavor can be a bit bland.  A much better choice is one of their delicious pastas like the Rigatoni Alla Norma tossed with eggplant, basil and mozzarella or the hearty Penne Alla Vodka made with tomato sauce, a touch of cream and salty pancetta.

It's cheap and easy with quick service assuring a swift return to the office in the afternoon. 

115-20 Queens Blvd. at 75th Avenue
Forest Hills, NY 11366