When it's this cold and nasty outside I find my inner adventurer start to wane.  I no longer look forward to trekking around the city in search of cheap dumpling spots, dessert shops or fancy new wine bars.  I find myself craving only the things I know and love; the places I can always depend on no matter what the occasion like Parm.  There's usually an order of Baked Clams to begin doused in melted butter and breadcrumbs, followed by the standard Chicken Parm sandwich or classic Saratoga Club.

But each and every visit must include the Mozzarella Sticks.  These fat logs of fresh cheese actually taste like fresh mozzarella instead of that stringy crumbly mess you find at most places.  The breading stays firmly intact with a dusting of chopped parsley on top and a bowl of tangy sauce for dipping.

Unfortunately these are so incredible they will you ruin you for any other mozzarella stick in the future.  So unless your completely willing to alter your lifestyle in the favor of fried cheese I suggest you stay away. 

248 Mulberry Street between Prince & Spring
New York, NY 10012