Brunch at The NoMad

I have to get back to my birthday dinners but since the weekend is fast approaching I thought I would skip ahead to our fabulous brunch last Saturday at the NoMad.  They only started serving two weeks ago but already it's a high contender to be a regular spot.  Check out some new brunch cocktails.

They also had four different Bloody Mary's that sounded wonderful but I had my eyes on the Hair Trigger.

I absolutely loved the spicy ginger and cool cucumber of this drink.  It certainly woke me up and is quite beautiful as well.  Onto the main reason for coming to brunch- the Chicken Sandwich.  

Oh my goodness this may be one of the prettiest sandwiches I've ever laid eyes upon.  The fluffy brioche bun was beaming while the moist slices of chicken and onion practically tumbled out of the inside.  Let's take a closer look.

I have to say "oh my" again because it was ALL there.  The creamy black truffle and rich foie gras flavor I've come to know and love at dinner, here on a roll at brunch.  To cut the heaviness a bit it arrived with a bright vinaigrette salad.

Okay maybe it wasn't too did have some crackly pieces of chicken skin inside as well.  Onto our other entree the Tagliatelle with King Crab, Meyer Lemon and Black Pepper.

I had worried that this dish would be too rich but it was surprisingly light.  The lemon gave a nice sweet zest to the crab that I enjoyed but it just didn't stand out that much to me.  Possibly because I was becoming obsessed with the best dish of the night our side of Roasted Squash and Truffles.

Yes this was the third time that brunch I said "oh my"  because this was so insanely good.  The roasting brought out a nice sweet, caramel flavor from the squash while the truffle sauce underneath was one of the best things I've things I've ever eaten.   This is one side dish that can certainly stand on its own.  It's official...The NoMad can do dinner and brunch amazing well.