Vermont- Parker Pie

Our first day in Vermont started with a trip to Hill Farmstead and lunch at Parker Pie. We hadn't eaten anything since leaving NYC so after six hours in the car and two in line at the brewery, I was more than ready to power down some serious food like the famous Green Mountain Special.

Bubbly, crisp dough topped with cheddar cheese, baby spinach, red onion, bacon, apple and fresh garlic all drizzled with sweet maple syrup.  It's a big mishmash of everything wonderful about Vermont in one amazing pie.

Being so close to the Canadian border it only made sense that Poutine was on the menu...

...and being so close to Hill Farmstead of course the beer list was incredible.  We split a Cantillon Gueuze and then slowly worked our way through the draft list.  I'm pretty sure we could have stayed all evening but the snow started to fall again so we hit the road.

Onto Waterbury for the next few days and finally a dinner reservation at Hen of the Wood!

161 County Road
West Glover, VT 05875