New Brew Friday- Buzzerkeley Barrel Project Sauvignon Blanc

The end of the holidays can always be a bit of a let down. The presents are done, the family visits are over and usually New Years Day is a sedentary and depressing day spent getting back to reality. Well we decided to change that years ago by starting an annual "Hangover Party". A relaxing afternoon filled with lots of fabulous food, games and a recap of the years best YouTube videos.  It also gives everyone a chance to break out some new beers they acquired over the holiday season and do a pretty spectacular bottle share.  This year one of my favorites came from a California friend the Buzzerkeley Barrel Project Sauvignon Blanc from Calicraft Brewing Company.

These guys combine wild Brettanomyces with champagne yeast strains then age the ale in Napa Sauvignon Blanc wine barrels.  The result is a bright bubbly beer filled with big flavors of guava and nectar with a crisp dry finish. I'm a big fan of the Biere de Champagne style and these guys just nailed it.  I'm really hoping to pick some up on a California trip this year- Cheers!