Carrot Tartare at The Nomad Bar

The Nomad Bar has a three Tartare's listed on their menu; the classic French Beef Tartare with horseradish and cornichons, the popular Tuna Tartare made with pine nuts, apple and mint and the lesser known Carrot Tartare, a dish created by Chef Daniel Humm years ago at Eleven Madison Park.

Humm churns the carrot into slivers then mixes in sunflower seeds, mustard oil, chives, ginger and a spicy carrot vinaigrette before topping with a perfect quail egg and a sprinkle of sea salt.   This dish is created table-side at Eleven Madison Park but here it's a much more casual affair; arriving in a simple glass jar with a big bowl of Rye Chips.

It's perfect for sharing at the bar or for snacking solo.  Just don't forget to pair it with one of the Nomad's amazing cocktail's in hand.  

The Nomad Bar

10 West 28th Street & Broadway
Nw York, NY 10001