Greenport- The Blue Duck Bakery Cafe

My last pit stop each day in Greenport was for something a little sweet at Blue Duck Bakery. The first time it was Chocolate Eclair that caught my eye stuffed with so much rich, creamy custard I swear it weighed at least two pounds.  

Day two is was the Blueberry Turnover.  I haven't had a great blueberry dessert since I was in Maine last year and somehow in the dead of winter this cafe churned out one with fresh, plump berries.

Day Three was a quick pop in for a Blueberry Scone breakfast; probably my least favorite of the three treats but still pretty damn delicious.

Thank goodness the trip ended there or else I would have sampled everything in the case.  It was a fabulous little I hope to make an annual winter trip.

130 Front Street
Greenport, NY 11944