Empellon Al Pastor

I was absolutely stunned when Alex Stupak left his incredible dessert resume behind at WD 50 and dove into the world of tacos. Now over four years later I really can't imagine this town without his heart stopping Mexican dishes like the Melted Tetilla Cheese with Lobster Tomate Frito at Empellon Cocina and Beef Tartare tacos at Empellon Taqueria.  I just had to stop by for a quick look at his newest venture Empellon Al Pastor.

The namesake taco comes on a thin corn tortilla filled with chili rubbed spit roasted pork and a solitary slice of pineapple.  It's saucy and hot; perfect for a quick bite on the run and exceptional with a crisp cold beer.  The usual suspects Tecate and Negra Modelo are on the list alongside beers from Thirsty Dog, Central Waters and Local Option.

They also have a full page of margarita's to choose from including a Spicy Cucumber and Mezcal making this the perfect destination for just about anyone.

132 Saint Marks Place
New York, NY 10009