Brunch at Bonderants

It's no secret Mr. T hates brunch, so when we found ourselves in the UES and starving last Sunday I was pretty sure all of the possible meal options were gong to piss him off.  There were a slew of noisy sports bars on one side blasting football games and a slew of noisy "ladies out to brunch" on the other side.  Things seemed headed for disaster when I remembered Bonduarnts; a cozy bar specializing in craft beer, bourbon and southern food.   It was perfect; games were on but with no sound, they had great local beer from Peekskill and Carton and of course they had food.

We split an order of the Fried Chicken Tenders to start.  These were tender on the inside, crisp on the outside and arrived with a big fluffy biscuit and a side of honey butter. Words can't describe how much I love honey butter.  I really don't understand why every biscuit joint in the city doesn't have it on the menu.

The Breakfast Tacos were decent.  They needed a bit more bacon and some tomatoes to jazz it up a little. Next time I would order Mr. T's dish the Pork Belly Benedict; a rich, decadent sandwich made with house smoked pork belly and a creamy hollandaise sauce.  I don't have a picture since we devoured it when it arrived...the sure sign of something wondrously delicious.  Between the beer, the food and the awesome staff Bonderants really is the place to be on the UES.

303 East 85th Street
New York, NY 10028