Buffalo- Oshun Oyster Bar

I only had time to fit in one new place when I was home for the holidays so I chose Oshun, the brand restaurant originally built in 1946 as the Waldorf Astoria luncheon counter.  The space was quite stunning with large frescos on the walls up front and a long oyster bar in back filled with fresh seafood.

The lunch menu is composed of small plates with a choice of two for $10.95 and a variety of snacks and sides like these insanely rich and buttery Parker House Rolls studded with big hunks of sea salt...

...and a bowl of marinated olives perfect for nibbling over a glass of wine.

I chose the Buffalo Clam Chowder and classic Fish and Chips as my entree.  The Chowder had three ingredients listed on the menu- bacon, cream and Franks Hot Sauce.  I'll admit this isn't something I would normally order but I found the spicy, creamy combination to be strangely satisfying...delicious even!  My parents did not agree and began concocting strange soup variations by adding different food and drink items from their plate until it finally met edible standards.  They are always such a treat to dine with :)

The Fish and Chips were incredible. The outer shell was ultra crisp with little to no grease and a huge tender piece of cod inside with a bright malt vinegar aioli.

Dessert was simple but perfect...Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookies topped with pretzel fresh from the oven.  Who could resist that?

5 East Huron Street
Buffalo, NY 14203