Nashville- Husk

We just came back from a quick but wonderful trip to Nashville, Tennessee.  This was Mr. T's first  visit to the South so I tried to ease him into the scene night one (aka avoiding the honky tonk's) with a relaxing dinner at Husk.

Located just steps from downtown Nashville, Husk is situated inside a gorgeous Victorian house that oozes with old Southern charm.   This actually served as a home for Mayor Richard Houston Dudley in the late 1800's and the hilltop views of the city are stunning. 

The restaurant has a small but well appointed drink menu with a focus on local craft beer like this Classic Saison from Blackberry Farm. 

Actually everything on the Husk menu is local.  It changes daily based on seasonal ingredients and they live by the motto "If it doesn't come from the South, it's not coming through the door". You could certainly feel the southern love in these Parker House rolls made with bourbon smoked salt and a side of honey pork butter.   

Yep that's bourbon smoked salt and honey pork butter...droooool...and even more southern love in the Husk Chicken Wings with White BBQ sauce.

Chef/Owner Sean Brock is known for his wings and the crisp smokey exterior and spicy rub were unbelievable.  I ate so many I barely had room for our Crispy Pig Ears.

These delicious little nuggets were wrapped in bibb lettuce with a sweet soy pepper glaze on top mixed with lime, cucumber and sweet red onion.

I couldn't even touch the Field of Dreams Chicken with Rhubarb Tomato Conserve, Curds and Whey, Squash and Spruce Tips.  It looked and smelled absolutely incredible but I was saving the tiny bit of stomach space left for dessert...Buttermilk Chess Pie with Georgia Peaches and Cream.

This is about as Southern as it gets...butter, sugar, egg and buttermilk encased in a lard cornmeal crust. It's simple, sweet and darn tooting delicious.  Just what the South is all about!