Brunch at Pavilion

I had high hopes for brand new Pavilion in Union Square; my first visit was very promising.  I loved the outdoor atmosphere, the french fries were wonderful and aside from some super boring mussels it was a delightful meal.

My second visit didn't go quite as well.  I brought along Mr. T and we began with a few drinks....that took a very looooong time to arrive.

Almost as long as our Popover but luckily this was worth the wait...crunchy exterior with layers of fluffy pastry inside and a fresh vanilla bean custard studded with raspberries.

Unfortunately then we another loooooong wait for our entrees and it was a poor showing at best.  My Kale Salad had been chopped so fine it was almost impossible to get a full bite.  Add on a dressing with absolutely no flavor and you got a total kale salad fail. The only thing worse was Mr. T's Oatmeal.

I would liken the texture to "soggy mush" and the flavor to wet cardboard.  They would have been better off serving up a bowl of expensive Creme of Wheat.  

Of course flagging down the waiter for our check was no easy feat either and by the time we left we were both frustrated and tired.  In a city filled with so much incredible food relying on a pretty facade will get you only so far and I think that limit has been reached at Pavilion.