Nashville- Brunch at Saffire

The main event in Nashville was my cousin's wedding Saturday and it was gorgeous.  The ceremony was situated on top a grassy hill while the reception followed down below with food galore including some classic southern ham and gravy from The Loveless Cafe and a whimsical cupcake tree from Ivey Cake.  We woke up Sunday morning with one last opportunity for some Southern cooking before hitting the airport...this time at Saffire.

Saffire is located inside the historic Factory at Franklin, a dining, shopping and entertainment complex that's been around over 100 years.  The space feels a bit industrial with high ceilings, exposed beams and cool figures on the wall made from old mechanical parts.  I was happy to see a Bloody Mary bar up front...always an indication of brunch goodness :)

The New South Cesar was a hearty salad peppered with thick slices of country ham, buttermilk dressing and drizzle of blackstrap molasses. 

Chicken Fried-Chicken arrived extra crispy, coated in panko with a white cheddar mac and cheese on the bottom and thick country gravy on top.

The Fried Green Tomato Benedict looked a bit pale at first, but once I cut inside the snappy slice of tomato stood out amongst the covering of spicy pimento cheese.

It was a long, relaxing brunch...perfect for recapping the weekend with my family before we all parted our separate ways.  It was a trip chock full of southern goodness.  I would say Mr. T's first trip down south was a stunning success!