Nashville- The Best of the Rest

I figured I'd add these two things since really didn't fit into a post on their own but are certainly worth checking out if your in Nashville.  First this delicious butter tasting at Etch Restaurant.

Black Truffle, Peanut Ginger, Smoked Sea Salt and Parmesan Black Pepper were our flavors that evening. My parents thought I was crazy ordering this as an appetizer but after a few bites everyone agreed... butter is absolutely the best.  I also took a quick trip up the hill to Pinewood Social one morning for an espresso and this gorgeous Blueberry Muffin. 

The space was coffee bar up front, lounge area to the side with a huge open restaurant and a back complete with a bowling alley and karaoke.  You could spend your entire day here and never be bored.  Now Nashville is officially wrapped up!