Weekend Giveaway- Pasta Poetry Duel!

It's finally Friday, the weather outside is gorgeous and your in luck because NYC Tastes is giving away tickets to the upcoming Pasta and Poetry Duel!  This fantastic event will be held at the hot new nightspot Backbar; a hidden lounge from the Willow Road and Toro guys over in Chelsea.  The night will be a feast Giovanni Rana pasta, Italian appetizers, cocktails, wine and desserts.  Plus Mr. Giovanni himself, the founder of Giovanni Rana will be joining the party all the way from Verona!  You can purchase tickets through Brown Paper Tickets  OR you can enter for a chance to win right here!

Simply come up with your best "pasta and wine" rhyme or haiku and post in the comments below.  I'll be giving away a pair of tickets to each of the two lucky winners which will be chosen at random on Monday at 5:00 PM. A night of amazing Giovanni Rana food, delicious cocktails and poetry in a hidden Chelsea nightclub.  What more do you want on a Tuesday night!

In NYC on the 10th of June
From seven to nine by the light of the moon,
Giovanni Rana invites you to join the festivity
At a feast of pasta and battle of poetry.
As wordsmiths supply the lyrcal flow
You can eats lots of pasta and take more to go
You can eats lot of pasta and take more to-go.
With wines and liquer to top off your dinner
You'll help determine the poetry winner.
You've never been to a party like this:
A Pasta Poetry Duel you cannot miss


Cassie said…
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love ravioli
So I should win two!
Jin said…
Pizza is great
I eat it in the morning
I also eat it late
davis12 said…
Beutiful bold Barbera
Wine of the people
Tastes like the country
Bittybites said…
Prosciutto and cheese
Brings me to my knees
Trex said…
Salty, sour and sweet
Danny Devito's favorite
Stsmith said…
I can eat lotsa pasta.
Roze said…
Congrats to Bittybites and Cassie- thanks for playing and enjoy!