Copenhagen- Return to Manfred's & Vin

We loved our lunch at Manfred's so much we decided to finish out the week right back where we started with brunch on Sunday. This time we opted against the Chef's tasting and went a la carte starting with one of their signature dishes the Beef Tartare.

This was chopped a bit more coarse than the one I just had at Bastard with a sprinkle of sourdough chips on top and a dollop of creamy horseradish sauce on the bottom.  It was salty and rich with a nice satisfying crunch from the chips.

Chicken Confit with ramson and rhubarab had a tangy asian flare from the addition of lemongrass and suger.

The Roasted Carrots with Swiss Chard, creme friache and cous cous had us a bit confused at first. 

I've honestly never eaten a purple carrot before but the sweetness of the veggie really shined alongside the nutty mound of cous cous.

We finished up our lunch with one last beer over at Mikkeller and Friends before heading back to spend the rest of the evening around our hotel. I said to Mr. T if we lived in Copenhagen I would be visiting Manfred's at least once a week.  The food and staff are absolutly incredible, not to mention the ambiance... truly a gem in Copenhagen and not one to miss.