Brunch at Estela

Saturday was such a gorgeous day I wanted to find a place where I could soak it all in and enjoy a fabulous meal...enter Estela. Located in the former Nolita House space, Estela has a cozy bar with a big picture window up front perfect for letting in the summer breeze and doing a little people watching.

Everything on the brunch menu sounded amazing...Burrata with salsa verde, fried Arroz Negro with squid and romenesco and Lamb Ribs with charmoula and honey were all contenders but in the end the old Avocado, Pancetta and Egg on Danish pastry was the winner.

The pastry was soft and flaky like a croissant with layers of dough perfect for hugging the avocado so it didn't slide around.  Slices of crisp pancetta sat at the bottom providing a nice salty base to the sandwich.  It was downright delicious. 

The restaurant stayed relatively quiet my entire meal; quite a pleasant departure from the normal brunch craziness and the service was fantastic.  Apparently they make an incredible Steak Tartare at dinner...something I will definitely be stopping back to check out soon.