The Nomad Bar

New things open in my neighborhood almost every day but I haven't felt this air of excitement since The Nomad proper opened a few years back.  Located around the corner from the hotel, the Nomad Bar has a bit more of a tavern feel with sunlight streaming in through the front windows and comfy booths along the side of the bar for dining.

Even with the cozier feel the bar exudes the same sophisticated Nomad charm as the original with a huge window over the bar reflecting the upstairs dining area and a long mahogany bar that's just sexy as hell.

The menu is split into two parts; one side appetizers including a trio of Tartare's in carrot, beef and tuna and the other side entrees ranging from a Hot Dog with bacon and black truffle to the classic Nomad Chicken, reinvented as a Chicken Pot Pie.

I ordered the Burger listed as Dry Aged Beef with Cheddar, Red Onion and Pickles.

I thought the bar was sexy as hell but let me tell you that this burger is sexy as hell too.

Squished between a fluffy seeded roll, the meat in this burger was so soft it was almost creamy with a rich buttery flavor balanced nicely by the sweet red onion on top. 

I inquired into the texture of the meat and was told it's a custom blend of beef from Pat LaFrieda that's 25% fat with a 50:50 mixture of bone marrow and suet. My god Pat LaFrieda is a genius when it comes to meat.

I didn't have time to sample any of the cocktails but the list looked amazing.  In addition to the regular Nomad classics they added large format cocktails for groups of 4-6 and a selection of reserve cocktails made with rare spirits.  I already have my drink picked out for the next visit, the Fresa Y Cerveza, an aperitif crafted with Berliner Weisse, Yellow Chartreuse, Strawberry Shrub, Jalapeno and Agave.

The Nomad Bar does not take reservations so come early and settle in for a while.  The staff are absolutely amazing and the atmosphere couldn't be more beautiful and warm. This is the type of place that makes you want to stay around all night.