Copenhagen- Mother Restaurant

Sunday night in Copenhagen we stuck close to the hotel and had a lovely meal over in the Meatpacking District. Mother is an Italian hot spot featuring "simple soul food".  The restaurant is centered around a wood burning oven that churns out delicious Neapolitan pizza with chewy sourdough crust and wood fired veggies all night.

The Classic Margarita was perfect...thin and sloppy with lots of tangy sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese and puffy edges with just the right amount of char.

The Burning Love was a little more daring....fried onions, sliced potato and smoked pancetta studded the mozzarella cheese.  It wasn't as crazy as the Kabob  pizza we had in Sweden but it was still awesome.  

The vibe was lively but casual with lots of communal tables for meeting your neighbors and friendly efficient service.  With all this great food and beer it's hard to imagine leaving so soon!