Solbeso and Chocolat Moderne

It's no secret that Chocolat Moderne is my favorite chocolate shop's in they've teamed up with Solbeso to introduce a new spirit into NYC made entirely of fresh cacao! You probably already know that chocolate is derived directly from the seeds of the cacao...but have you ever thought about what happens to all that fruit around the seeds? Look at these huge pieces of cacao fruit...

It takes 20-25 of those just to get one kilo of cacao and the rest is usually tossed away.  New World Spirits decided it was time to use that fruit and began distilling the juice from the Cacao to create the first premium white spirit, made entirely from 100% cacao fruit- Solbeso.

Of course it only seems right to pair Solbeso which chocolate, so Chocolat Moderne had a little party for the release to see which chocolate paired best with the new liquor.  We went from dark to light and then back to dark again (at least I did)  including two of my favorites of all time the Dark Chocolate Madame X'Tasy made with Salted Caramel and Illy Espresso and the always incredible Banane Flambe with Dark Chocolate and Cognac...

But it was actually the Shiso Lime which paired best with the Solbeso made with Dark Chocolate Ganache, Shiso Leaf Extract, Essential Oils of Lime and Vodka.  

Chocolat Moderne also created a brand new chocolate called the Solbeso Mi Mucho made directly with the Solbeso Distilled Cacao Juice. They actually toast the milk powder for this one which creates a gorgeous blond color and rich butterscotch flavor.

Or you could just enjoy Solbeso in a cocktail.  The Sol y Rosas was incredible made with Solbeso, Creme de Peche, fresh Lemon Juice and topped off with a Rose Water spritz.

But when your walking among all the incredible award winning treats at Chocolat Moderne how can you say no to a delicious chocolate and cocktail pairing.  This is a boozy match made in heaven.

Chocolat Moderne