Time to Warm Up at Torst

It's been so brutally cold this week.  When the temperature drops this low there's only one thing you can do...hunker down inside, drink a few beers and warm up with a big filling meal. That's what Mr. T and I did on Friday.

We grabbed a few bar stools at Torst and after a few delicious brews we were starting to feel all warm and toasty inside.  The perfect time to seal the deal with a big bowl of food.

This Short Rib isn't exactly pretty to look at but man was it delicious.  The meat was so tender it just fell apart, soaked in its own juices on top a heaping pile of thick lentils.  It's the perfect example of comfort food and exactly what I want to be eating in this chilly weather.  So hunker down- it's cold out there!