Brunch at Chez Sardine

Last Saturday was so cold and snowy Mr. T declared it a "couch day", which basically means he wasn't doing a thing except sitting on the couch and playing video games all day.  I have no problem with this...I think its great that he can totally stop the outside world for a while and just recharge. Unfortunately I am not born with the gene that allows me the same escape.  I wake up in the morning and can't shake the urge of going and doing.  I can always come home's just this weird need to get out of the house and accomplish something.  So when couch day called it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to go out and get the first restaurant of my 2014 Wish List accomplished!

Chez Sardine was quite busy when I arrived at 2:30.  There were two small tables open by the window but I opted for a seat at the bar.  The menu is small but incredibly varied with options like Avocado Toast with Deviled Egg, Smoked Char Chirashi and a Pork Belly & Cornbread with Poached Egg.

Everything sounded awesome but when trying a brand new place I always go for a standard...and my brunch standard is always Baked Eggs.  Here they were layered on top of spinach with pockets of creamy ricotta cheese on top and fresh cilantro.  I could have done without my hated herb the cilantro but after picking it off the top this dish proved to be one of the best baked egg dishes I've enjoyed. The sweet tomato sauce balanced the bitter spinach nicely and they certainly didn't skimp on the ricotta cheese.  There was so much I was practically swimming in it...happily swimming that is!

Baked Eggs always come with some crusty bread for mopping up the sauce.  At Chez Sardine they take this one step further by slathering the crusty bread with a layer of creamy tortilla butter.  I've never had anything quite like this at brunch and it was a refreshing, festive twist.

Actually everything at Chez Sardine seemed to have some sort of twist...from the crazy menu, to the quirky decor.  I had Mr. Miyagi staring at me the entire brunch from behind the bar.  It  kept making me giggle each time I looked up from my meal.  Good food, solo laughter and the first check of my 2014 wish list.  YAY for the escape from couch days!

Chez Sardine


Unknown said…
I'm the same way!! I simply cannot stay in all day- not when i'm sick or its a blizzard, nothing ! Chez sardine looks like a great brunch place, especially those eggs
Roze said…
That's why NYC is perfect for us- always something to do:)