San Diego- Day Two Report

Thursday morning was much of the same from yesterday...Bailey's Tart for breakfast then a few hours at the pool.  Once the sun got to be too strong again we drove out to O'Brien's pub for a delicious lunch and a few Russian River beers on the patio. 

Then it was onto Societe Brewing to have a look at their brewery and taste some beers. I had enjoyed a few Societe beers the day before and I have to say this place is making some incredible IPA's.

I really wish I brought back a growler of their beer. Both the Publication and Pupil blew me away in flavor but my suitcase was already at full capacity.  

We followed this up with an afternoon of card playing at the Blind Lady.  Pliny on tap was a nice surprise.

Then it was dinner at The Brigantine for some more fish tacos and another wonderful Creme Brulee.

We ended the night back at the hotel for some live music and maybe just a little more dessert:)  Another great day in San not ready to be leaving tomorrow.