Happy New Year!

It was another great New Years Eve at the Blind Tiger this year and I spent the whole following day relaxing with friends.  There's not much to complain about right now. 2013 certainly had it's fair share of ups and downs but in the end everyone I love is happy and healthy which is all that matters.

Last year I didn't accomplish a lot on my wish list.  I finally brewed my own beer but the whole "Spending more time in Chinatown" didn't exactly happen.  I'm crossing my fingers for more of those two things this year in addition to my 2014 Wish List:

Tanoshi Sushi
Charlie Bird
Sushi Nakazawa
Chez Sardine
Fung Tu
The Elm
The Butterfly Supper Club
Han Dynasty
Morgans BBQ
Colony Grill (Stamford, CT)
Le Philosophe

Cheers to the New Year and let's hope for a snowy "white weekend"!