Happy Hour at Haru

Haru not only has the longest happy hour special in our neighborhood but also one of the best.  From 3:00-7:00 every day they have great deals on wine, beer and specialty cocktails along with a brand new menu of happy hour bites. Like these crispy fish tacos which come two to an order and filled with Tuna, Sea Bass or Salmon.

They're bright, clean and surprisingly filling with a ton of sashimi inside.  If your not feeling the sushi option they also have a few cooked dishes like their garlic chicken wings.

They're surprisingly large and crispy...much bigger than I see at some wing spots around the city, with a distinctive garlic kick that has just a bit of heat from the spicy jalapeno on top.  I took the slice off but you could make your even more spicy by eating it whole.   For only $8.00 this is a fantastic deal.  Add on a few rolls and you have a whole dinner for two with drinks for under $50.00.  

Haru Sushi