ROYCE' Chocolates

Have you ever opened up a box of chocolates that smelled so incredible you felt downright intoxicated off the aroma?  I had this experience at Royce' just last week and let me tell you the taste is even better than the smell.

Royce' was founded in Sappora, Japan in 1983 and has been making chocolate ever since using only the highest quality ingredients and artisan techniques.  This isn't just ordinary chocolate, it's chocolate that is so silky, smooth it literally melts like butter in your mouth.  

Ken Romaniszyn, the owner of Lady M Cake Boutique on the UES is the company's American partner and they now have three locations in New York: Midtown East, Bryant Park and their newest store which I visited on Bleeker Street.  The shop is tiny but filled with incredible products along the stretch of two walls.  I highly recommend tasting one of their Potatochip Chocolates in either Fromage Blanc, Chocolat Caramel or Mild Bitter.

The chocolate caramel I tried were excellent.  Usually a chip like this gets soggy, but here at Royce' they use a thicker slice of potato that stays incredibly crisp even after a dipping in the decadent caramel infused white chocolate.  It's both salty and sweet...a must have for snack addicts craving a little treat.  Or maybe some delicious Hazelnut Cream sandwiched in between crisp layers of wafer...

...or whole almonds covered in chocolate and maccha whose bright green color and clean, herbal flavor make a perfect gift for just about any occasion.

But let's talk about their signature item the Nama chocolate.  These gorgeous little squares are made with fresh creme and cacao from Hokkaio where the cool climate and rich surrounding make it ideal for chocolate making.  Every aspect of these are configured to have the best melt-in-your-mouth experience... from the grooves in their line of pure chocolates to the incredibly smooth cocoa dusted Nama which almost taste like a frothy milkshake once they start to melt.

Liquors accentuate the flavor of the chocolate from my two favorites, the Nama Bitter made with Henessey V.S.O.P and the Champagne made from Pierre Mignon. While Mr. T enjoys the Maccha Nama the best made of white chocolate with the bittersweet finish of real green tea leaves.

Photo Courtesy of Royce Confect NYC

Royce isn't just meticulous about their chocolate making, their packaging and quality control are absolutely outstanding.  Look at the care taken for the Champagne Nama.

This gorgeous green box comes wrapped in their signature paper with a tiny spatula for lifting out each little square.

The box is then slid into a cooling bag with an ice pack to ensure the chocolate stays fresh and at the best temperature for enjoyment.

Then everything is wrapped up in this silky red bag and ready to go!  I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to take this home.  I felt like a little kid at Christmas unwrapping everything.

They say chocolate has the ability to bring a smile to anyone's face and spread happiness.  This is certainly true here at ROYCE  so stop in and see what it's all about it.  I guarantee you will enjoy every second:)