Lunch at Gotham Bar and Grill

It's been five long years since my last meal at Gotham Bar & Grill.  I remember Alfred Portale's food was exquisite, the restaurant stunning and the price...well quite expensive. Which is why lunch at Gotham is such a deal.  The dining room takes on a refined elegance in the sunlight and if you order the Greenmarket menu it's just $34 for three courses.   The last visit began with House Cured Sea Trout with honeycrisp apple, shaved fennel, radish, dill and cucumber. 

The delicate ribbons of trout were dusted with herbs and complemented by dollops of lemon creme fraiche and a bright, citrus salad. This dish was absolutely heavenly.  The fish practically melted on the plate and the baby pumpernickel croutons dotting the salad were just delightful. For entree Chatham Cod with snow peas, kaffir lime and jasmine rice over a coconut lobster curry.

You could smell the floral, nutty aroma of jasmine rice and fresh garlic from the moment this dish hit the table.  The fish was cooked perfect and the sheer amount of lobster hidden among the veggies and rice was a nice surprise.  I was honestly hoping for a touch more coconut flavor in the broth but I'm also on an insane coconut craze right now:)  To finish the infamous Gotham Chocolate Cake.

This cake is so incredible...filled with decadent dark chocolate that's been whipped so it's light and airy like a cloud, served alongside a scoop of salted almond ice cream.  This is one of my favorite dessert staples in the city.  I will never wait so long again to return to Gotham again...never.

Gotham Bar and Grill