Westy 12

Mr. T loves his sleep more than anything in the world.  If he could sleep until noon every day he truly would. So imagine how big something must be to have him out of bed and standing outside Whole Foods Bowery in the cold, dark hour of 6:00 AM in the dead of Winter...That's how big the Westy 12 is to the beer world.

The Westy 12 is a Trappist beer, brewed by monks, sold solely to support the financial needs of the monastery.  This means there has never been commercial production of this beer.  In fact, in order to enjoy this beer in the past one would have to procure the brewery number in order to find out the date they would be selling and then drive to the monastery where you were allowed one per licence plate a month.   Well about a year ago the Abbey needed a major addition and renovation which means they need a lot more money.  So they decided to do a one time release of their most popular beer, the Westy 12, to retail stores.  In the United States the Shelton Brothers handled the release and were given 1,500 "bricks" (a box with six bottles and tasting glasses) to be sold throughout the country on 12-12-12.  So long story short Mr. T and I set our alarms early and got in line to be 2 of the 24 customers to be lucky enough to get a brick.   I was actually lucky enough to try this beer once long ago but that was from a strange rouge batch and I just feel so much better about having this as a true experience.  Cheers!