Holiday Time at Birreria

It's really starting to feel like the holidays.  There are so many tourists jammed inside Eataly right now it's almost impossible to breathe...except for Birreria.  Mr. T and I stopped in last Friday and found an open spot at the bar and quite a pleasant assortment of locals and tourists alike enjoying a gorgeous evening. We were planning to just have a drink but it was so delightful we stayed on for dinner.

Mr. T had the special fish that day Striped Bass with Blood Orange.  We actually had a similar crudo with bass and blood orange last year at La Scuola downstairs...cooked or raw those two are a match made in heaven.

I was craving a big piece of meat so the Bistecca was perfect.  I love how chock full of flavor skirt steak can be when done properly.  The addition of an aged balsamic and shallots just sealed the deal.

All of this and a lovely glass of Barolo to finish... 



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