STIX Mediterranean Grill

Since I moved into the neighborhood over 10 years ago we have had some sort of below average fast food type place across the street, everything from Yoshinoya to Anna Marie Pizza.  So when we saw the shiny new facade of STIX finally emerge last week both Mr. T and I were excited for something better.  And better it certainly is...

The Chicken STIX is my current favorite.   The poultry is marinated in a honey mustard sauce which keeps the chicken incredibly moist while the outside has a nice char from the grill.  The Chef's Special STIX is actually his Mom's recipe made from ground lamb and beef, red wine, cumin garlic and served with a fresh tomato sauce. 

 This comes shaped more like a corn dog than I had imagined a skewer looking with a nice piece of pita on the side.  The tomato sauce was tasty with the lamb but I thought the Tzatziki was a better pairing.

This was ordered as a side and I enjoyed the thickness and generous amount of dill and garlic.  Don't get me wrong...Avli in Bayside is still far and away the best but this was a tasty, serviceable dip.

I really liked the attention to decor they added to STIX.  The mini gold wine jugs were cute and the festive Mediterranean music playing overhead almost made me forget I was eating just steps from my apartment.  They did a great job turning an old pizza place into a comfy dining space.  They even have a world class Barista on the team for this month and I have to say my macchiato was fantastic.

 The STIX range from $4-$7 a piece and the sides around $5 each which is quite affordable.  They are still working out some kinks a bit still but I'm happy to welcome STIX into the neighborhood.



julie said…
i love how you mention avli as your favorite.. mine too! great minds think alike!
Roze said…
Avli is amazing. If that opened near my apartment I would be in heaven!