Way down there on 1st and 1st next to the ever crowded and always wonderful Prune sits Prima. It was happy hour when we arrived at this new little seafood place, which meant buy one get one free cocktails and oysters.  I was more than happy to oblige with The Last Cocktail made from Spring 44 Gin, Prosecco, Pear Puree, Rosemary Infused Agave and Clove Dust.

I loved everything about this cocktail- bubbly and savory with the spicy aroma of clove.  Thank goodness for happy hour because I was definitely ordering more than one of these delicious drinks.  They had about five different East Coast Oysters on the menu that night of which I tried the Montauk Pearls and Beau Soleil.

For entrees Prima has five different fish dishes where you choose your fish and pick a sauce to accompany it. I choose the Skate with the Green Condiment.

The skate truly didn't need a condiment.  It was excellent on its own with just a little lemon juice and capers. Mr. T felt the same way about his Tempura Hake.

What's not to love about a battered and lightly fried fish.  This was one of the best versions of a classic Fish and Chips dish I have ever had in the city.

Speaking of chips they were quite delicious as well.  They could have gone for another minute or two in the fryer to be extra crisp but the flavor was spot on.  I was planning to save room for their amazing looking Mille Feuille but we both agreed we would make a return trip when we had more stomach room left.  Prima is a great new addition to the East Village dining scene and one I plan to make a regular neighborhood stop.