Holiday Cakes at Black Hound Bakery

This month is filled with all sorts of dinner parties and holiday gatherings where gifts and food go hand in hand.  Usually I'm incredibly late on the gift end so when I'm in charge of dessert I skip the baking and head right down to Black Hound.  They always have their standard cakes such as the Triple Chocolate Mousse and Busy Bee.

But around holiday time they dress up the decorations and also add a couple special flavors.  This year the Poinsettia Cake with pecan butter, spiced buttercream and caramel looked amazing as did the Gingerbread Cake filled with poached pears and apples.

But in the end it was the Eggnog Cake that had me swooning.  Three layers of hazelnut cake soaked in bourbon and rum, covered in eggnog buttercream and crushed hazelnut shavings.  Beware this cake has a bite from the liquor so unless you want some tipsy coworkers save it for the family party instead.

Black Hound Bakery