Brunch at Dudley's

I was trekking around the Lower East Side last Saturday when I stumbled across this little place called Dudley's.  I had never seen nor heard of it before but the menu looked enticing so I walked inside. I loved everything about the space immediately.  There was a cozy curved bar, big windows for people watching and they were rocking some incredibly great music.  I felt so relaxed I decided to make it a true brunch experience and ordered a mimosa.

They had some great sounding Egg Sandwiches but I was intrigued by the Messy Grits.

A perfectly poached egg sat atop a mixture of corn and grits.  It was tasty but I wish the grits had a little more flavor and texture.  It was a little on the thin side for grits.  The table next to me ordered a fantastic looking egg sandwich and the next table had a slice of Banoffee Chocolate Pie that looked utterly amazing.  So with those two snapshots in mind....I will be back.