After another full day of beer drinking at Brooklyn Brewery (two weekends in a row)  we were in serious need of food.  My friends suggested Dumont and I was honestly a bit on the fence.  I've been to Dumont before and I wasn't sure the small space could accommodate our large group.  Imagine my surprise when they walk us to the beautiful garden in the back! 

The Dumont Burger was delicious as always.  It's a little difficult to eat in one bite with bun and burger being so large but that's hardly a complaint.  I love the salad option instead of fries...it makes me feel just a slight bit healthier (although I then ate a ton of fries from the neighboring plate so it really doesn't make any difference in the end)

I also ate a bunch of the neighboring Mac and Cheese.  This was absolutely enormous and incredibly rich.  The thick noodles and crackly crust on top made each bite a homey, satisfying food moment.   I'm pretty sure it's impossible to eat the entire plate in one sitting but I would happily clog my arteries trying.  This was the perfect end to a long day of beer drinking.

Dumont Restaurant