Pub Food at Puck Fair

Mr. T and were out shopping in SOHO the other day when the cold winds started to get to me and hunger pains set in. When the weather starts to turn like this I immediately want a cozy Irish pub to settle into and relax. Puck Fair was just a block away so we walked over and got a seat at the bar.

I felt like my bones needed some immediate warming up so I started off with a bowl Seafood Chowder. The first thing I noticed was the consistency. The broth was much thinner than most chowders and the soup was packed full with potatoes and clams. Being that I enjoy the creamy broth of chowder the most I was disappointed. There was to much stuff going on and not enough flavor. In fact all it tasted like to me was bacon and pepper. Kind of disappointing.

For entrees we split two dishes the classic Fish and Chips and a Grilled Shrimp Cesar Salad. The Fish and Chips came out with about six big pieces on the plate and an enormous mound of fries. The dish was pretty good. The fries were crispy but the fish had a slightly strange sour flavor to me that tasted a little off.

The Cesar Salad was a pretty large dish as well. The greens were slightly overdressed but the grilled shrimp were plump and tender as ever.

As far as pub fare goes Puck Fair is good but average. Nothing will blow you away here nor will it cause you distress. The real reason to come here is for the beer list and attitude. They are constantly rotating their drafts and everyone inside is always friendly and jovial. This is a great place for ducking out to during holiday shopping season for a little rest and relaxation.

Puck Fair Bar