Brews and Wings at Blind Tiger

Mr. T and I spent a lazy Saturday relaxing at one of our favorite bars in the city- the Blind Tiger. I love the Tiger- they constantly rotate their taps and always have something on hand that I’ve never even heard of before. This week they had a bunch of drafts from the Kuhnhenn Brewery out of Michigan so we both tried a few.

Oh my goodness this may be my new favorite beer- this is their Crème Brulee Java Stout. My first whiff of this beer was amazing. It smelled exactly like an espresso and Baileys at the end of a fancy meal. Then I tasted it and was blown away. It was like having a wonderful dessert in a glass. Strong espresso and chocolate flavors with a lingering vanilla and caramel end. Although this would be a little too sweet to drink a lot of I enjoyed every last sip in my glass.

After trying out a few more beers Mr. T and I decided to get some food and ordered a plate of their hot wings. Now these wings were no joke. They were actually a decent size and the meat was really moist and tender. However the sauce just didn’t do it for me. I wouldn’t describe it as hot but peppery. Insanely peppery. Mr. T loved them but it was just too much for me. I’m glad he could enjoy them because they were cooked to perfection. So another day well spent at the Blind Tiger. I really love that place.

Kuhnhenn Brewery

Blind Tiger