N&D Pizza

I was out in Sheepshead Bay the other day and pizza was on the brain. I had planned on getting a Roast Beef sandwich from Brennan & Carr but I just didn’t feel like a big meat sandwich any more. I wandered across the street and wound up inside N&D pizzeria instead.

I was surprised to see this run down pizza joint had a serious amount of specialty pies. Chicken & Broccoli, Eggplant and even a Mac and cheese pie that looked like it was straight out of the movie Half Baked.

I wanted something a little lighter so I ordered a Sicilian slice with spinach. I was excited about this slice because it looked extra thin and crispy. Unfortunately once I bite inside the dough was undercooked and gave the whole pizza a much thicker and denser texture. The sauce and cheese tasted extremely fresh and I enjoyed the little burnt edges of the crust. However the spinach tasted like it had been sautéed in a ton of olive oil and it simply tasted like limp greens on the slice.

Although I didn’t love my slice at N&D I would go back if I was in the neighborhood. The sauce and cheese were so tasty that I would give a regular slice another shot there. Unfortunately my body doesn’t turn away meat very much so I assume next time I’ll be across at Brennan & Carr instead, but we’ll see.