Good Beer- Good for Me!

I love new openings. They promise so much but often fail to deliver the goods. Luckily here’s one opening that completely delivered in my book- Good Beer.

This tiny store in the East Village is a beer lovers dream come true. First off it’s stocked to capacity with a wide range of beers from local micro brews to classic Belgian ales. On my first visit I picked up some Cigar City IPA and Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. I love the fact that everything is available in single bottles. There’s nothing better than trying out a couple new beers without having to carry home caseloads of beer in order to do so!

In addition to their wide bottle selection they went one step further and installed twelve taps inside as well! This is utterly fantastic for two reasons. One- you can take home growlers and two- you get to try out even more exciting beers!

The first day I went inside I simply couldn’t resist. I saw the $8 flight sign and almost jumped for joy. Of course I’ll try out a flight of new beers!

Oh that’s right- you can drink beer while you shop around the store! So let’s bring that to reason three why this place rocks! Whether it be a flight of brews or a single pint the enjoyment of beer drinking and beer shopping just reached a whole new level.

I have actually been a couple of times now and each visit a tap or two changes. I feel like I could come here every day and not be bored!

Last but not least- the people. The first day I entered I spent a good 20 minutes discussing various beer preferences and styles with the owner. He was incredibly friendly and really made me excited about the current selection. Since that first visit he remembers me and continues to be an energetic and knowledgeable beer man.

Oh and did I tell you this place serves food as well? Hot dogs, brats and some sweets from Roni-Sue are on the menu. Seriously- can this place get any better? Not in my book- Good Beer is an understatement. I think this place is Awesome! What a great place to pick up some Thanksgiving beers!

Good Beer