NYC Shower Day- MObar

After our lunch at Nougatine we walked across the street to the Mandarin Oriental for the next stop on our celebratory day the spa! I was actually a little nervous about this part. I have always had this phobia of other people touching me so I’ve avoided massages like the plague. However at this point in my life I figured I had to try it out…and you know what I was wonderful!!! For all of you massages lovers out there you know what I mean. I felt stress from years ago was unleashed on that table and I was a relaxed and happy woman at the end.

We relaxed in the spa for a while after and enjoyed the beautiful views of the city. Then we decided it was time for some cocktails and went right out the lobby and into the MoBar where I ordered this lovely pink drink.

The Bella Pesca which was Champagne, Elderflower Liquor, Grapefruit and Lychee juice topped with a splash of Chambord. I really enjoyed this cocktail. It was fun and bubbly up front, sweet going down and slightly tart and sour at the end. Of course for $19 it better be tasty right! I just love MObar. It was a great way to finish up with the ladies before meeting the men for dinner downtown.



Anonymous said…
wish i was there!