NYC Shower Day- Dinner at Keens

After lunch, massages and cocktails us ladies met back up with the men at Ginger Man and then headed over to Keens for the big finale. Unfortunately my pictures from Keens didn’t quite come out. The lightening was pretty dim and I didn’t want to make a big deal of taking pictures while enjoying a special family meal so bear with me.

However I will say this about the dinner- it was excellent. I loved the raw veggies and pickles as a starter. It doesn’t get much more old school than that. The décor was obviously fabulous. We sat in the Lambs Room where I could stare at that big tiger picture sprawling out the whole dinner. And the service was absolutely phenomenal. It was like night and day compared to the service we had earlier at Nougatine. My water was always filled, dishes eased in and out seamlessly and a fresh Manhattan seemed to magically appear only moments after being ordered.

Obviously the main highlight here was the meat. I ordered the prime rib and Mr. T indulged in the Mutton. The Prime Rib was bloody juicy and the mutton…well the mutton was mutton!

Not sure what exactly to say about it. That was one mammoth and flavorful hunk of meat.

The sides were delicious as well. The carrots had a nice ginger spice and the creamed spinach was so creamy I could have eaten that solely as my entrée. I was stuffed at the end but I had to try out one of their desserts! I opted out of the famous sundae and instead got the Crème Brulee. This was actually a perfect end to the meal as the brulee top was insanely delicious but the crème bottom was lighter than most and not overly filling.

I would go back to Keens in a heartbeat. The food, décor and service were everything I could ask for and more. It was a fabulous way to end my celebratory day. Now I just need to stop eating for three more months so I can fit into my wedding dress. Eek!

Keens Steakhouse