Chicken Sandwich from Pies and Thighs

What can I say about this glorious little sandwich? I was apprehensive at first. I thought it was simply going to be fried chicken on a bun- simple.

However when I watched it being made I saw them slather on some red sauce I became concerned. It looked and smelled exactly like Frank’s Red Hot sauce! Luckily looks can be deceiving because the sauce was excellent. It was slightly spicy like Franks but more sweet and light. I was also amazed how moist the chicken was inside. Somehow the buttermilk batter retained all those juices and this was possibly the best chicken sandwich I have ever had! Seriously! I’m so sad I got it the last day of the Madison Square market. I would have been there every day if I had known before. Luckily the original is out in Williamsburg and I am definitely making the trip out there. Pie’s and thighs here I come.

Pies and Thighs