Whiskey Tavern

Mr. T and I found ourselves wandering around Chinatown the other day enjoying the nice spring weather. Unfortunately the basketball games were going to start soon so we had to abandon the beautiful weather and head to a bar stat to watch the action.

Since we were already in Chinatown we decided to head over to an old favorite- Whiskey Tavern. We came to this bar quite a bit when they first opened about a year or so ago. It’s not very big inside but has a great TV set up and a nice patio in the back perfect for outdoor drinking in the summertime.

One of the best things about this place is the friendly bartenders. They always seem to remember your name and always add simple little touches like cozies for your beer.

We were already planning to have quite a few beers, so why not go all out and be extra unhealthy with an order of tater tots covered in cheese.

That’s right- cheese covered tots. This is what drinking a lot of beers does to you. Suddenly flash frozen potato bites covered in processed meted cheese taste amazing. I have to admit they really hit the spot. Crispy, salty, cheesey- what’s not to love! It’s a beer’s best friend!

They also gave us a free order of the house specialty fried pickles.

Thank goodness we didn’t pay for these because I found them pretty disgusting. The briny pickle flavor just seemed off putting with the crunchy out skin. Although the dipping sauce made it a little more enjoyable this is definitely not something I would ever order. However the fried pickles kind of enhanced the fun laid back attitude of the bar. I highly suggest this as a place to put back a few beers and relax with friends. Even if you’re not a big bar food fan. You can always just pop around the corner and pick up some pork buns and dumplings and then come right back to hang out. There’s a little something for everyone in the oasis of Whiskey Tavern.