Happy Dyngus Day!!!

Hopefully everyone had a nice Easter and can take some time today to enjoy the lovely weather and have a cocktail or two in honor of this holiday. I recommend heading to Angel's Share tonight for one of their signature drinks.

Mr. T always orders the same thing- The Groovy.

It's actually not listed on their menu anymore but they'll whip one up if you ask. Shiso leaves and yuzu make for quite the crisp refreshing cocktail. I usually order a lychee based drink, Serenity, but they had a list of new spring cocktails so I decided to try one out.

This is the Spring Swing. To be honest I'm not sure exactly what was in it but it was awesome. Smooth enough to go down easy but with enough bite at the end to know you better watch yourself.

So enjoy this lovely day and grab some pussy whillows somewhere for your significant other. Happy Dyngus Day!!