Easter Brunch at Zum!

I love Easter Sunday. Growing up it was always such a fun day filled with Easter egg hunts, good food and lots of family. Unfortunately Mr. T and I were all alone this year but we still wanted to do something a little special so walked down to Zum Schneider for a lovely Easter Brunch

Zum was in the festive spirit with Easter Egg trees on the bar, Easter candy stashed in the potted trees and Easter Egg baskets on each table. We ordered up a couple tasty liters of beer and then perused their specials menu for the day.

They were doing two Easter dishes for the holiday- one ham and one lamb. I was conflicted. I grew up having ham on Easter but in my older years I’ve been gravitating to the lamb on Easter. It was a tough choice. After much heming and hawing from me (and frustrated hungry aggravation from Mr. T) we settled on splitting the Easter Lamb.

Zum Schneider has never been known to give anything smaller than a massive portion of food and this Easter dish was no different. An enormous lamb shank that had been braising in a red wine sauce was accompanied by some green beans and a gratin potato. The lamb had a wonderfully crispy skin and fall of the bone tender meat inside. A meat shank is a little like the gift that keeps on giving. Every time I thought we were done a piece of fatty innards would be moved aside to reveal more and more moist juicy deliciousness.

Although the lamb was the star of the show the sides were right up there in terms of flavor. The green beans must have been soaking in a ton of butter because they were absolutely heavenly and the potato gratin? Don’t get me started. Thin slices of crispy potato with layers upon layers of rich buttery cheese oozing out between each and every one. OMG I was so full after this rich meal I thought I was going to burst.

We were both too full to move right away so we stuck around and decided to try out one of their special beers for Starkbierzeit (strong beer festival). Here’s a look at the festival menu:

I love the Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen so I ordered their strong beer Vitus.

I was surprised to see how similar this was to their regular Hefeweisen. Same strong yeasty smell and big fluffy head with a slightly clearer golden color than the former. For a strong beer this was incredibly crisp and refreshing. Totally unlike any other Weizenbock I have tried before this is probably one of the best I’ve ever had. Mr. T ordered the Weihenstephaner Korbin and while it was lower in alcohol than my beer it was incredibly rich and heavy. Sometimes I love those complex beers but on a gorgeous sunny day I was really feeling the crispy thirst quenching Vitus.

On the way home we enjoyed the beautiful flowers and of course stopped into Chikalicious for dessert. An espresso shot sundae for me and some cupcakes for Mr. T and we were all set. What a wonderful way to spend an Easter Sunday.