Buffalo Chicken Pizza?

I was in Monty’s the other day out in Brooklyn for lunch. I was heading towards my usual salad line when something caught my eye. Pizza. Not just any pizza but a new special Buffalo Chicken pizza. I have to admit I found the combination both disgusting and intriguing at the same time. It just looked so weird. I had to have a slice. I ordered one up and added on a regular slice as well -not because I’m a pig but just in case the Buffalo didn’t go well (yeah right).

The Buffalo pizza was interesting. Big chunks of chicken were plopped on top of the cheese and instead of tomato sauce it was covered in hot wing sauce. The first bite I absolutely hated. Something about the texture and combination just really revolted me. Then I tried a few more bites and found myself kind of enjoying the flavor of the sauce. Then about halfway through it just got to be too much. The pizza was way too thick and the mozzarella and hot wing sauce just didn’t go together. The best part about this slice actually was the crust. There were big puffy bubbles of extra crispy dough with a little bit of burnt cheese on the top. I ended up just eating the crust and leaving the rest.

Onto the regular slice. I usually enjoy Monty’s regular pizza but I think this was an off day. Their pizza is always thin, which I enjoy, but today it was downright flimsy. It was covered in a big pool of oil and when I tried to pick it up, I had to use two hands to prevent the sagging dough from losing all of its cheese. The crust was pretty weak as well. There were no big puffy bubbles but a small brittle end that just didn’t add anything to my pizza experience. The sauce and cheese still had that awesome Monty’s sweet flavor but the pizza needed a little more foundation.

So in conclusion- pizza is great. Buffalo wings are great. Let’s just keep these great things separate.