A quick slice at the “Original” Rays Pizza

There’s Rays Pizza, Famous Rays, Original Rays, Famous Original Rays, etc. Who knows which one is truly the first Rays pizza. Supposedly it’s the Ray’s on Prince Street, where I found myself walking by early Saturday afternoon. I had just eaten breakfast about an hour before but I didn’t feel like I could pass up this monumental opportunity. I mean come on. I’ve lived in NYC for almost 10 years now and I still haven’t the first Ray’s! What’s wrong with me!

Ray’s Pizza has one side with tables and waiter service and one side that’s pick up only. I got into the service line and waited as the pizza guy shouted orders and threw up slices of pizza in a frenzied but efficient manner. Within about 5 minutes I was standing outside slice of pizza in hand.

Upon first glance ray’s pizza doesn’t look very different than any of the other Ray’s pizzas I’ve had in my life. And you know what- it doesn’t taste much different either.

The crust was nice and crisp with a good slightly charred underskirt. The cheese wasn’t very oily which was nice, but I thought the slice could use a little extra sauce.

Overall it was a decent slice of pizza. Not one I would ever go out of my way for but a decent one indeed. For a slice joint in SOHO it’s alright. For whole pizzas I would still rather give my money to Lombardi’s in the area.