Some Damn Fine Doughnuts at Peter Pan.

It was cool and crisp last Saturday- a great day for putting in a nice long walk around the city. We decided to take the train out to Greenpoint and explore the neighborhood. Greenpoint is the northern most neighborhood in Brooklyn. We explored here about two years ago and I fell in love with the beautiful river views, the abundance of Polish speaking locals and cute little bars and restaurants. Last time I had somehow walked past maybe one of the best bakeries in the borough- Peter Pan.

How could I have walked past this place! Big fluffy doughnuts, custard oozing cakes and sugary cinnamon turnovers fill the front window practically screaming at passersby to stop in for a treat. There were so many options but we still had a big day of eating ahead so I limited myself to only two.

First up was their take on the classic Boston Creme. Just looking at this doughnut you can see there is waaaaay more custardy goodness than you find in most doughnuts. Score one for me! The doughnut was incredibly fresh with pillowy light dough, creamy smooth chocolate glaze and that wonderful buttery custard. I may never be able to have a regular Boston Creme doughnut ever again.

The second doughnut was the Red Velvet. I wish I had gotten a shot of the bright red cake inside but this little guy was too tasty to stop eating long enough to take a shot. Covered with a light sweet glaze the crisp crunchy peaks and a insanely delicious cakey innards make this one of my top doughnuts ever. I always think of doughnut more like dessert type food and never understood the morning allure. For some reason this doughnut made me understand. Paired with a steaming cup of coffee and the morning paper I think this would make for an excellent start to the day. Plus I got these two doughnuts and a cup of Joe for under $3.00. What a deal!